Case studies

Check out State Library of Queensland's historical map collection to see how Queensland has changed over time!

Read about The Geological Survey of Queensland’s Data Modernisation project and how it’s made accessing Queensland’s vast amounts of resources data, easier.

Studying Brisbane’s community networks using open data to map local movements.

The Queensland Government's online interactive mapping tool providing benefits through open data.

The Australian CliMate app, using SILO Climate open data to support agriculture and natural resource decision makers.

My community directory displays useful community facilities in local regions and across the state.

BENCHMRK is an app for Survey, Mapping and Construction Professionals.

Increase efficiency of sensor data capture and publishing by enabling ’self-serve’ access for internal and external users in a controlled and secure way. Demonstrates the value of real-time open data exposed via an API.

The GroNATIVE app is Australia's first geolocating native gardening app. The community benefits from this geolocating function by being able to very easily generate tailor-made local lists of species.

Using facial recognition in First World War photo collections.

A portal to assisted immigration data.

University of Queensland IT students are working with real datasets and real clients that know their data.

Explore time series data in a uniquely visual way using three datasets which measure the natural phenomena of wind, tide and the SOI.

Remark is a Brisbane-based team of hackers, full-stack developers and electrical engineers who created the prototype app Breathe Easy.

Peclet Technology is demonstrating their turnkey open data platform (OpenDataSoft) for organisations to share their data.

State Library of Queensland uses Queensland open data to populate and validate Queensland addresses entered in SLQ’s online membership registration form.

The Brisbane Bus and Train app uses Queensland open data to provide users with arrival times and stop locations of Brisbane buses and trains.

Pocket Zoner Pro provides easy access to town planning information for over two million properties in Queensland.

Historical weather information for Queensland helps sugarcane producers to plan their irrigation needs.

WildNet helps to provide free access to information on Australia’s flora and fauna.

Soil and mapping datasets in GIS format help to support strategic investment and development decision-making.