About the App

BENCHMRK is a great example of how collaboration between government and technology companies can deliver real financial benefits to local businesses, through the use of open data. BENCHMRK is an app for Survey, Mapping and Construction Professionals. Using a one tap search interface on mobile devices surveyors are able to isolate the most useful geodetic survey control in the shortest time possible. Integrated filters further enhance the discovery of survey control allowing for increased reliability of results.

The data

The Queensland Government through the Open Data Portal and QSpatial provides access to the Survey control register. The database provides for the effective management of the geodetic survey control information for Queensland.

The user

The app developer is a spatial professional and has spent many hours searching and planning the use of survey control. Through the opening of access to the Survey Control Register and form 6 documents, the app developer identified an opportunity to build a solution to make it easier for all users of survey control to discover and use open data in a timely and meaningful manner to support their business.

The app developer has plans to expand BENCHMRK to include data from other states, starting with Victoria and South Australia.

The benefits

BENCHMRK can be download for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The app is used by a large number of Surveyors across Queensland to work more effectively, the advent of BENCHMRK has changed the way surveyors use survey control.

BENCHMRK provides direct access to all Permanent Survey Mark (PSM) records in Queensland. With the help of BENCHMRK users have up-to-date access to Form 6 records allowing for the reliable completion of surveys.

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