My Community Directory app

The data

My community directory has consumed over 200 open data sets from the Queensland Government Open Data portal, as well as Federal Government and Council open data portals about useful community facilities in local regions and across the state.

The datasets include information about facilities such as police stations, public libraries and locations where seniors’ discounts are accepted.  When this data is overlayed with information about community services (a shared data set) from the Community Information Exchange it becomes useful information.

The user

The public, community services and local government use Access my Community to find services on a map. It also provides information about available public facilities such as public transport stops and public toilet facilities. Once users select the service they want, they can see what is also available around it, as well as find directions there.

Benefiting the Community

Getting access to the right information is one of the greatest challenges to connecting a community. Providing rich information on a highly usable platform is one way to overcome this barrier. Open data is a source of rich data with immense value to the community sector at large to enhance service use, planning and delivery.

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