Mapping new territory with the Queensland Globe

Queensland is a large state, rich in natural resources and supporting valuable primary industries and a mature commercial sector, all contributing to employment and job creation, yet it is also susceptible to wild weather and natural disasters. The many challenges facing Queenslanders on a daily basis, like resource management, tracking productive land and disaster management, benefit from accessibility to high-quality location-based information.

The Queensland Government has developed the Queensland Globe, a free online interactive tool that visualises physical, geographical and spatial data into a more traditional mapping experience. Helping both business and government agencies, Queensland Globe supports innovation and boosts economic and community resilience.

Adamelia Global

Adamelia Global provides study, planning, design, engineering and spatial services to the mining, infrastructure and events industries. They use the open data and spatial web services available through the Queensland Globe to achieve better outcomes for their clients, greater work efficiency and build client trust by using credible information. Chris Schlebusch, Principal Spatial Consultant, believes using open data through the Queensland Globe has provided him, and the business he works for, with many benefits.

"The Queensland Globe and the spatial web services are easy to use and you can overlay your own data through its integration with other platforms. It all contributes to reduce my clients' time-to-decision. Providing my clients with good information to support their decisions is very important to me" - Chris Schlebusch

Chris has found that the open data sets available through the Queensland Globe have the potential to benefit manufacturing, cyber security, food and agribusiness, health, mining and resources, energy and other sectors. Adamelia Global frequently accesses these layer categories:

BiotaRegional ecosystem mapping
BoundariesCheck administrative boundaries
EconomyIdentify mineral tenements and historical boreholes
Planning CadastreReview property and land interaction with projects
EnvironmentExamine matters of state environmental significance
FarmingIdentify productive land and potential production
Geoscientific informationProvide geological data for clients’ interpretation
Inland watersReview ground and surface monitoring bores
Imagery and base mapsCombine with clients’ data for context

The majority of the data displayed in the Queensland Globe and thousands of other Queensland Government open datasets can be accessed and used from, and giving users more choice, a growing number of spatial datasets are being made available as spatial web services.

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