Manifest 64 – a portal to assisted immigration data

The Queensland State Archives partnered with students from the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Queensland to develop a user interface to make it easier for customer to locate assisted immigration records held by Queensland State Archives.

The data

The Queensland Government, through the Open Data portal, provides access to historical data made available by the Queensland State Archives, which the students accessed for this project.

The Assisted immigration 1848 to 1912 is the register of immigrant ships’ arrivals in Queensland ports held by the Department of Immigration from 1848 to 1912—including the names and ages of passengers, along with the date of arrival and name of the ship coming from the United Kingdom and Europe.

The user

The students created Manifest 64, an interactive and visually appealing web interface that enables people to view immigration data graphically, using a simple and user-friendly interface.

They identified that by making the data easier to discover, it can help educational users (primary, middle, high schools and academic researchers) and the wider community who are interested in their own family history to use the data.

The benefits

Manifest 64 allows users to easily search for a passenger or a ship name or explore connections in the dataset through infographics. By facilitating access to this valuable open data in an easy-to-use manner, Manifest 64 enables a wide variety of users to interact and investigate immigration data as well as helping to increase public awareness of Queensland State Archives information.

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