Exploring historic Queensland photos and maps

The data

The Queensland Government, through the Open Data portal, provides access to historical photographs and maps made available by the State Library of Queensland.

  • Picture Queensland—out of copyright photographs of people and places from across Queensland and across time
  • Real Estate maps—a unique collection of original maps and plans created by real estate firms
  • Digitised maps—a collection of digitised, out of copyright early maps of the Pacific region, Queensland and Brisbane.

More than 10, 000 photos and maps of Queensland from 1791 to 2004 can be found.

The user

Peclet Technology, a Sydney-based team of consultants, developers, data scientists and open data bloggers, has created an application to visualise the datasets allowing the user to navigate through an image gallery and/or maps.

The content is searchable by keyword(s) and can be filtered by date and location from the Peclet Technology website.

The benefits

Peclet Technology is demonstrating their turnkey open data platform (OpenDataSoft) for organisations to share their data.

This technology helps individuals and organisations to use open data by providing engaging and interactive portals, with searchable data catalogue, interactive data visualisations.

Anyone interested in exploring historic Queensland photos and maps can easily find and use them.

Visit the website

To view the images

and explore by where images were taken

or discover other historical content on the open data portal.