Queensland geology detailed web map service

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Map Service showing whole of state detailed geology data sets maintained by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. The data sets are organised by layers including: Field Site (0) Detailed 1:100k (1) Detailed Structure (2) Detailed Geological Boundaries (3) Detailed Faults and Shear Zones (4) Detailed Folds (5) Detailed Dykes Veins or Sills (6) Detailed Markers Marker Beds or Marker Bands (7) Detailed Lineaments (8) Detailed Joints and Fractures (9) Detailed Trends and Dips (10) Detailed Volcanic features (11) Detailed Other Natural features (12) Detailed Other features (13) Detailed Surface geology extent (14) Detailed Surface geology (15) Detailed Solid geology extent (16) Detailed Solid geology (17)

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