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  • Open Volvo S40

    I'm trying to find the sale price (or the stamp duty paid) for every volvo s40 MY07 sold in QLD in the last couple of years. The information that should be available should...
    1 hour ago
  • Open Development

    Hi Would like to know the traffic volume that pass 986 Manly road Tingalpa daily
    3 days ago
  • Open Immigration 1862-1863

    I am looking immigration records for 1863-1863 in the name of Sandford.
    5 days ago
  • Open Taxi Licence transfer data.

    Please up date Taxi and Limousine Licence Transfer Data as it has not been updated since 30 June 2020. I need the information for research.
    7 days ago
  • Open Townsville Juvenile offender crime

    Hello, My name is Joseph Humphreys, I'm a reporter for 4ZZZFM located in Brisbane. I'm seeking to gain an insight into the incidence of juvenile offenses in the Townsville...
    11 days ago
  • Closed the virology laboratory of the queensland department of health at cooper plai...

    to whom it may concern, i'm an architecture student, jessica de guzman from tarlac state university in the philippines, currently doing my thesis writing. i may ask the data...
    14 days ago
  • Closed Production of coal by mine

    Can you please provide the production of coal for Gregory by coal type for 2019-2020? There is only a total as Net output. Also if it is available overburden by mine would be...
    18 days ago
  • Open Cairns wave data

    A complete list of all the recorded wave data for Cairns
    24 days ago
  • Closed Strata schemes in North Queensland

    Hi Open Data team I am trying to better understand the number of residential strata titles in North Queensland, by lot size. I am hoping that you could provide the following...
    27 days ago
  • Closed Overdue waiting times for elective surgeries by hospital

    Hi! My name is Sayee and I am looking for data about overdue waiting times for elective surgeries by hospitals till May/June 2020. Is the data available somewhere? If so where...
    1 month ago