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Sorry for the delayed response.

Section 11 of the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the Act) defines a worker as a person who works under a contract and is an employee for the purposes of assessment for PAYG withholding under the Taxation Administration Act 1953. There are also some workers specifically included or excluded under schedule 2 of the Act. Typically this definition excludes those under a ‘contract for service’ (contractors), but depending on the nature of the relationship employers may still need to cover these workers for workers’ compensation. Further detail regarding who needs to be covered for workers’ compensation is provided on the WorkSafe website under Who should I cover?

Due to these definitions, most claims relate to employees and no distinction is available in the data to categorise whether the worker was a contractor or employee at the time of the injury.

Please note that more recent information regarding workers’ compensation claims is available on the WorkSafe website in the annual Workers' Compensation scheme statistics reports and requests for data can be made by contacting the Office of Industrial Relations at

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