Storytelling in 3D - Queensland immigration challenge

Storytelling in 3D was a 2018 GovHack project which proposed a unique way of raising awareness of Queensland's immigration history by using a large, rotating electronic globe to show people how Queensland was settled.

The globe begins at 1848 and shows the trajectories of immigrant ships arriving in Australia between 1848 and 1912. It would also show current immigration patterns by showing the trajectories of aircraft.

Photos from 1848-1912 and the present would be projected onto a wall around the globe allowing people to better understand how life in Queensland has changed.

The project won the Queensland Government’s 2018 GovHack Queensland immigration challenge.

The Data

The project used immigration data available on the Queensland Government’s open data portal, as well as images from the Queensland State Archives image library.

The Benefits

The project aims to help people to better understand the diversity and origins of immigration to Queensland and what life was like for these early settlers.