Queensland immigration Challenge

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A list of useful Queensland Government open datasets are tagged on data.qld.gov.au

  • Immigration has influenced Queensland’s history and identity
  • Immigration data shows how Queensland’s population has grown and changed
  • Data from 1848 to inform decision making
  • Unlocking stories can help Queensland thrive into the future

What is your solution?

We suggest you consider using the Queensland State Archives open datasets on data.qld.gov.au

Locating open data

Queensland Government open data is accessible at data.qld.gov.au. Search for other government open data at data.gov.au and local government websites.

Below is a list of open datasets and resources you might like to use for this challenge.

Open datasets

  1. Indexes created from the Registers of immigrant ships’ arrivals in Queensland ports as kept and used by the Immigration Department from 1848 to 1912.
    Assisted immigration 1848 to 1912
  2. Index compiled from the registers of rations issued by the Assistant Immigration Agent, Maryborough for the period 1875 to 1884.
    Assisted Immigration Agent Maryborough 1875 to 1884
  3. Index compiled from the Registers of passenger lists of immigrant ships as created by the Immigration Department from 1922 to 1940.
    Immigration 1922 to 1940
  4. Indexes compiled from the passport clearance registers and the passport receipts, as created by the Immigration Department, Brisbane, recording the names of some immigrants who left Queensland between 1926 and 1939.
    Passport registers 1926 to 1939
  5. Index created from various records detailing the names of those who took oaths of allegiance to be naturalised as created by the Supreme Court across Queensland as well as the Colonial Secretary's Office and the Government Residents Office.
    Naturalisations 1851 to 1904
  6. Index compiled from the card index to personal files for nominated immigrants as created and used by the Immigration Department between 1908 and 1922.
    Card index to nominated immigrants 1908 to 1922
  7. Index compiled from the Register of passage certificates kept by the Sub-Immigration Agent, Warwick, recording applications by sponsors of immigrants for the period 1887 to 1906.
    Passage certificates 1887 to 1906
  8. Index compiled from the Registers of immigrants per ship that landed at the Immigration Depot, Brisbane as created by the Immigration Department for the period 1885 to 1917. 
    Register of immigrants, Brisbane 1885 to 1917
  9. Index compiled from the Register of immigrants recording applicant details for immigration passage certificates as registered by the Assistant Immigration Agent, Toowoomba between 1864 and 1878.
    Register of immigrants 1864 to 1878
  10. Index of nominated and assisted immigrants compiled from various records created by the Immigration Department and the State Migration Office relating to voyages of the Oronsay between 1925 and 1972.
    Oronsay immigration 1925 to 1972
  11. Index compiled from a wide variety of government records detailing the administration of the South Sea Islander immigration and employment program in Queensland between 1867 and 1908.
    Australian South Sea Islanders 1867 to 1908
  12. Names of boys under the Farm Lads migration scheme.
    Farm Lads 1922 - 1940
  13. Indexes compiled from the register of prospective nominated immigrants and from the correspondence and papers for nominated immigrations created by the Assistant Immigration Agent, Maryborough for the period 1884 to 1907.
    Assisted Immigration Agent Maryborough 1884 to 1907
  14. Index compiled from a selection of registers recording immigrant arrivals at various Queensland ports, as created by the Immigration Department for the period 1882 to 1938.? 
    Register of immigrants 1882 to 1938
  15. Index compiled from the correspondence relating to non-British subjects living in various Queensland Police Districts as kept by the Chief Secretary's Office in 1913.
    Coloured labour and Asiatic aliens in Queensland 1913
  16. Index created from the register of immigrants by ship and destination, by the Immigration Agent Toowoomba, 1880 to 1888.
    Immigration Agent Toowoomba 1880 to 1888
  17. Files recording the particulars of travel of nominated / sponsored immigrants who came to Queensland between 1947 and 1976.
    Migrant Ship and Aircraft files 1947-1976


  1. Documents, photographs, plans, maps and other historical records
    Queensland State Archive’s online catalogue
  2. Curated collection of Queensland State Archives photographic collection
    Queensland State Archives Flickr channel