Have a dataset question or feedback?

Before going straight to the contact page, did you know you can post a comment on any dataset or request data not currently available on data.qld.gov.au?

This functionality enables users to engage directly with data publishers or the teams responsible for the data in a publicly visible format providing benefits to other users who might have similar comments, questions or data needs.

You'll need to be a registered user to post a comment or request data - it takes about 30 seconds to register.


If you have a question about the data or would like to give the publishers feedback, open the relevant dataset or data request and click on 'Comments' at the right end of the tab options to get started.

Posting a comment is easy. You can use a subject if you like, or just start typing your message in the comments field. Click 'Save' when you're finished, and you should immediately see the posted comment. The team responsible for the data will automatically receive a notification and will respond to your comment.

Data Requests

If you can't find a dataset on data.qld.gov.au that you think the Queensland Government has, you can request it using the request data function. Like the Comments, these requests are publicly visible which means other users can see which data has previously been requested.

So, before you make a new request, check to see if the data has been requested. To do this, simply enter your keywords into the 'Search data requests...' field and click the search icon. In the example image below, 'blue card' has been searched.

If you find similar requests, checking the comments may give you an immediate answer on the availability of the data. You can also engage with the original requestor who shares your interest the data.