Patched point data


Obtain patched point data for the given station and period, in the specified format. A username and password is required. To register, visit the SILO webpage:

Available variables
- station (required): The Bureau of Meteorology numerical code identifying the station of interest.
- start (required): Start date in the format yyyymmdd.
- finish (required): End date in the format yyyymmdd.
- username (required): Username obtained when you registered with SILO.
- password (required): Password associated with the username above.

The example is requesting data in "alldata" format for station "12345 " over the period 1 Jan 2011 - 10 Jan 2011; the user should substitute the station code, data format, period and username/password as required.

The data will be displayed in your browser without line breaks. To save the data:
- Save the page as a text file in Chrome or as HTML in Internet Explorer and Firefox; or
- View the page source.

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