Queensland geophysics web map service

URL: http://qldspatial.information.qld.gov.au/catalogue/custom/search.page?q="Queensland geophysics web map service"

Map Service showing geographic extents of geophysical data sets maintained by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. The data sets are organised by layers including:Airborne Geophysical Survey (0)Airborne Exploration Survey - Available (1)Airborne Exploration Survey - Unavailable (2)Airborne Open Range Survey (3)Airborne Multi-client Survey (4)Airborne State Survey (5)Airborne Federal Survey (6)Gravity Survey (7)Gravity Base Station (8)Gravity Data Station (9)Regional Gravity Survey (10)Hyperspectral Survey (11)Magnetotelluric Survey (12)Seismic Survey (13)Seismic Survey 2D (14)Seismic Survey 3D (15)Seismic Survey Deep (16)Seismic Survey C Horizon (17)Qld Gravity Image (18)Qld Magnetic Image (19)Qld Radiometric Image (20)

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