Wave data

URL: https://apps.des.qld.gov.au/data-sets/waves/wave-7dayopdata.csv?timestamp=2023-10-02T08:03:01+10:00

Near real time wave and sea surface temperature data for selected sites along the Queensland coast.

For more information please refer to www.qld.gov.au/waves.

Field names are;
Hs - Significant wave height, an average of the highest third of the waves in a record (26.6 minute recording period).
Hmax - The maximum wave height in the record.
Tz - The zero upcrossing wave period.
Tp- The peak energy wave period.
Dir_Tp TRUE- Direction (related to true north) from which the peak period waves are coming from.
SST - Approximation of sea surface temperature.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Site text
SiteNumber text
Seconds text
DateTime text
Latitude text
Longitude text
Hsig text
Hmax text
Tp text
Tz text
SST text
Direction text
Current Speed text
Current Direction text

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