Check In Qld app - Customer Check Ins by statistical area per day


Check In Qld app - Customer Check-ins by location per day represents the total persons checked-in, aggregated to per day and Statistical Area Level 3 (SA3).

The commencement date for this data is 28 February 2021.


  1. The 'SA3_Name' column contains values that are “Not Mapped.” A value of “Not Mapped” occurs when a business or organisation has a registered address that does not validate and match an SA3 area. This can be due to addressing issues or organisations without a static address.
  2. To protect the privacy of individuals, in the ‘TOTAL_PEOPLE_CHECKEDIN’ column, any value less than six (6) is replaced with a NULL (blank) value.
  3. The number of check-in’s for recent dates may increase as offline check in data is reported.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
CHECKIN_DATE timestamp Check-in date

The date, in yyyy-dd-mm format, that a user has checked-in using the Check In Qld app.

SA3_NAME text SA3 Name

The name of the Statistical Area Level 3 location where the check-in occurred.

TOTAL_PEOPLE_CHECKEDIN numeric Total People Checked-in

The sum of people that have checked-in.

Additional Information

Data last updated 1 July 2022
Created 29 April 2022
Format CSV
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Size 1.2 MiB
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Contains open format machine-readable open data.