Queensland 2017 hourly nitrogen dioxide data

URL: https://www.data.qld.gov.au/dataset/a56db8a0-3726-4adf-af98-384847c2f95e/resource/d9b96f6a-35d9-43b6-bbbb-cb0cbb26bbfe/download/nitrogendioxideqld2017.csv

Period of reporting: 1 January to December 2017

Monitoring sites: Deception Bay, Flinders View, Mountain Creek, Mutdapilly, North Maclean, Rocklea, South Brisbane, Springwood, Woolloongabba, Wynnum North (South East Queensland); Boat Creek, Boyne Island, Clinton, Fisherman's Landing, Memorial Park, South Gladstone, Targinie (Gladstone region); North Ward (Townsville)

Measurement units: parts per million (ppm)

Measurement technique (all sites except Springwood and Memorial Park): Chemiluminescence analyser operated in accordance with AS/NZS 3580.5.1

  • Instrument output offset and/or scaled based on calibration and daily zero/span response data.

Measurement technique (Springwood and Memorial Park): Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) analyser operated in accordance with AS/NZS 3580.15

  • Values are average concentrations over 250 metre light path (Springwood) and 520 metre light path (Memorial Park)
  • Instrument output offset and/or scaled based on instrument calibration data.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Date timestamp
Time text
Deception Bay (South East Queensland) (ppm) numeric
Flinders View (South East Queensland) (ppm) numeric
Mountain Creek (South East Queensland) (ppm) numeric
Mutdapilly (South East Queensland) (ppm) numeric
North Maclean (South East Queensland) (ppm) numeric
Rocklea (South East Queensland) (ppm) numeric
South Brisbane (South East Queensland) (ppm) numeric
Springwood (South East Queensland) (ppm) numeric
Woolloongabba (South East Queensland) (ppm) text
Wynnum North (South East Queensland) (ppm) numeric
Boat Creek (Gladstone) (ppm) numeric
Boyne Island (Gladstone) (ppm) numeric
Clinton (Gladstone) (ppm) numeric
Fisherman's Landing (Gladstone) (ppm) numeric
Memorial Park (Gladstone) (ppm) numeric
South Gladstone (Gladstone) (ppm) numeric
Targinie (Gladstone) (ppm) numeric
North Ward (Townsville) (ppm) text

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