Open Data Day 2022!

Open Data Day is a great opportunity for organisations and individuals all over the world to showcase their use of open data! The day is used to encourage the adoption of strategies and policies which maximise the release of open data and to highlight the benefits of open data publication across government, private industry and society.

The Queensland Government is committed to the identification and release of quality open data with the aim of driving innovation, solving problems, creating jobs, and providing transparency of government services.

Although we are not hosting a physical get-together this year, please see below for information about some of our new datasets and details about the changes to the portal over the past twelve months!

Queensland Health Covid-19 Data

Queensland Health has released four new datasets related to COVID-19 and the Queensland Government response to the pandemic. These include cases with location and source of infection, age groups of cases, tests by SA2 and wastewater surveillance data.

For more information on these and to look at the data click here.

The Public Trustee of Queensland Unclaimed Money Data

The Public Trustee of Queensland are using the Open Data Portal to power their unclaimed money search.  The unclaimed money register contains details of unclaimed money from deceased estates administered by The Public Trustee and unclaimed money received from other sources.

Check out their website here.

Environment and Science State of the Environment Report 2020

The Department of Environment and Science has released over 100 datasets from the State of the Environment Report 2020. This includes data on biodiversity, heritage, pollution, climate and liveability.

Click here to view a list of all these datasets.

Queensland State Archives Data

QSA released several new datasets of historic Queensland data.  These include:

The Open Data Portal has grown from 2975 datasets this time last year to 3204 as at the end of February 2022.  You can search and access all the above datasets plus other new and old data from the search page here.

We’ve also been busy enhancing the Open Data Portal during the last 12 months.  Most of these enhancements are internal and assist our publishers to provide better quality, more up to date data.  These changes include:

  • The addition of a new, calculated metadata field to identify the date actual data was updated and not just a metadata update.
  • Email notifications for publishers to remind them of datasets  that are due to be updated soon or have past the specified update frequency time frame.
  • Additional metadata fields to aid in the management of personal information re-identification risk.
  • An extra report for admin users to manage their organisation.
  • Additional processes to record dataset deletion information for improved record keeping.

These are a few of the ways in which we’ve been working to improve access to Queensland Government open data over the last year and we are continuing to make more improvements to user experience, data quality and data currency.

If you’d like to follow some of the what other countries are doing on Open Data Day be sure to check out the events page on the Open Data Day website.