Queensland’s GovHack 2020 Challenges

The Queensland Government is sponsoring four State GovHack challenges for 2020.

1) What can we learn from government spending data?

Download Challenge (PDF)

  • Every year the Queensland Government spends billions of dollars on a wide range of goods and services to support the delivery of frontline services for Queenslanders.
  • Queensland Government purchasing activities align with the Queensland Procurement Policy, and from 1 July 2019 details of awarded contracts over $10,000 are published on the data.qld.gov.au portal.
  • You can search “Contract Disclosure” to see a list.
  • Can you identify savings, highlight efficiencies or extract any other insights?

2) What can we do to prevent or prepare for bushfires?

Download Challenge (PDF)

  • In Australia during the last 12 months over 18 million hectares of land have been burnt, over 30 people killed, more than 3000 houses lost and roughly a billion animals have perished.
  • How can we help Queenslanders prepare for bushfires?
  • What can we do to reduce the risk of fires occurring or causing damage to property or wildlife?

3) Help us survive a pandemic!

Download Challenge (PDF)

  • COVID-19 has spread across the world causing significant death and illness to millions.
  • Living in lock-down, social distancing, contract tracing, accessing health care and improving fitness have all been used to minimise negative effects.
  • How can we improve these services to aid recovery and prepare for future pandemics?

4) Small business and the tourism industry need your help to survive!  How can we get them back on track?

Download Challenge (PDF)

  • Queensland is home to over 400,000 small businesses which employ over 40% of all private sector workers!
  • Tourism in Queensland accounts for roughly $25 billion, or 7.8% of Queensland’s gross state product.
  • COVID-19 has affected both industries severely!  What can we do to help their recovery?

How to prepare your solution:

  1. Think about the challenge question and additional information above.
  2. Search for data to use.  Your solution must use at least one dataset from data.qld.gov.au however you can mix and match this with data from other sources.
  3. Develop a unique, creative solution to the challenge question.  Check out last year’s winners for some examples.
  4. Prepare your 3-minute video based on GovHack’s guidelines.
  5. Submit your solution including the video and a minimum viable product via the Hackerspace.
  6. Get ready for the awards night!

For more information about the event check out the GovHack website or Hackerspace.