Open API

Create a project using one or more APIs.

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  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the building blocks of the app economy.
  • API’s exist in many industries including environment, science, transportation, health, finance, employment and more.
  • Projects including web apps, mobile apps, visualizations, AI and virtual reality can all be developed using data from an API.

What is your solution?

Your solution to this challenge should access at least one Queensland Open Data API.  You can mix and match this with other APIs or data.

Locating open data

You can view a full list of Queensland Government Open Data APIs on the Queensland Government Open Data Portal. To give you some clues on where to start this challenge, we have provided below, a list of the portal’s most popular API-enabled datasets.

Either click on a link below or search for the dataset on

Environment and Science

  1. SILO climate API
  2. SALI soil chemistry API
  3. SALI land suitability API
  4. Qld wildlife data API
  5. WildNet Koala Locations
  6. Coastal Data System – Near real time storm tide data
  7. Coastal Data System – Near real time wave data
  8. Regional ecosystem description database
  9. Census of the Queensland Flora 2018

Health and Safety

  1. Air Quality Monitoring - Live data feed
  2. Crime locations 2000-present
  3. Crash data from Queensland roads


  1. MapsOnline API
  2. QLDTraffic GeoJSON API
  3. TransLink SEQ GTFS-RT data
  4. TransLink real-time data
  5. General transit feed specification (GTFS)—qconnect
  6. General transit feed specification (GTFS)—South East Queensland

Business and Industry

  1. Horse and Cattle Brands in Queensland
  2. QBCC Licensed Contractors Register
  3. QBCC Licensed Building Certifiers
  4. Training organisations
  5. Fuel Price Reporting
  6. Business Discount Directory
  7. Upcoming fireworks displays
  8. Assisted immigration 1848 to 1912
  9. Horse and Cattle Brands in Queensland
  10. QBCC Licensed Contractors Register
  11. QBCC Licensed Building Certifiers
  12. Training organisations

Other Resources

  1. CKAN API Guide -
  2. Google Transit Guide -
  3. Advancing Queensland Priorities - Our Future State -

Guidance to help you prepare your GovHack project video to pitch your solution (3 minutes):

  1. Introduction: state the project title, team name and members.
  2. Problem: what is the challenge your hack addressed?  Why does it matter to find a solution?
  3. Vision: in one sentence, describe the ideal end state / long-term goal you are trying to achieve through your solution.
  4. Data/resources: what was your approach to solve the problem? How did you investigate the problem? Provide an overview of the open data and information used and how it helped you to develop your solution.
  5. Minimum viable product: describe your solution (proof of concept). What makes the solution unique? What would be the impact of the solution?
  6. Next steps: outline a road map on how the solution could be developed and implemented to achieve your vision.
    For more tips see the GovHack handbook.