Economy and Jobs

How can we create more jobs and grow the Queensland economy?

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  • Queensland’s $349 billion modern, vibrant economy is supported by a range of industries and services.
  • Over the past two decades, Queensland’s economic growth has generally exceeded the national average thanks to developments such as the resources investment boom and the associated upturn in LNG exports.
  • Health, Mining & Energy, Agriculture, Construction, Education & Training, Financial & Professional Services and Tourism are the major contributors to economic growth in Queensland.
  • Queensland’s population could be more than 8 million by 2066.

What is your solution?

We suggest you consider using the Queensland Government open datasets on

Locating open data

You can view open data relating to business and economic interests on the Queensland Government Open data portal. To give you some clues on where to start this challenge, we have provided below, a list of the portals’ most relevant datasets.

Other useful data can be found at

Either click on a link below or search for the dataset on

Open datasets

  1. Wind model – Queensland
  2. Suitable Operator Register (SOR) for Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs)
  3. Vegetation management – register of accepted development vegetation clearing code notifications
  4. 2016-2017 Trade Statistics — Queensland Ports
  5. Solar model data and report - Queensland
  6. Find a charging station — Electric vehicle
  7. Registered operators of intensive animal feedlots
  8. Queensland Aquaculture Production
  9. Overseas exports and imports of goods, value, Queensland and Australia
  10. Occupational and industry licensing statistics - Office of Fair Trading
  11. Labour force status by region, Queensland
  12. Key demographic and socio-economic indicators by state and territory (as at June 2019)
  13. International visitors by Queensland Tourism region
  14. Index of retail prices in Queensland regional centres
  15. Annual coal statistics
  16. State and non-state school details
  17. Training organisations
  18. QBCC Licensed Contractors Register
  19. Register of Architects
  20. QBCC Licensed Building Certifiers
  21. Pool safety register
  22. Workforce and human resource management - DoE
  23. Annual mineral and metal statistics
  24. Annual coal statistics
  25. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Features
  26. Australian Biomass for Bioenergy Assessment - Queensland data

Other Resources

  1. Queensland Government Food and Beverage Supplier Directory
  2. Queensland’s Economy
  3. Employment and Jobs
  4. Queensland Tourism and Recreation
  5. Powering Queensland Plan
  6. Tourism data and statistics
  7. Australian Bureau of Statistics
  8. Tourism Research Australia
  9. Mineral and coal industry outlook and statistics
  10. Queensland Plan

Guidance to help you prepare your GovHack project video to pitch your solution (3 minutes):

  1. Introduction: state the project title, team name and members.
  2. Problem: what is the challenge your hack addressed?  Why does it matter to find a solution?
  3. Vision: in one sentence, describe the ideal end state / long-term goal you are trying to achieve through your solution.
  4. Data/resources: what was your approach to solve the problem? How did you investigate the problem? Provide an overview of the open data and information used and how it helped you to develop your solution.
  5. Minimum viable product: describe your solution (proof of concept). What makes the solution unique? What would be the impact of the solution?
  6. Next steps: outline a road map on how the solution could be developed and implemented to achieve your vision.
    For more tips see the GovHack handbook.