Umbrella SciSearch - Science data challenge

Umbrella SciSearch was a GovHack 2018 entry that won the Science data challenge for Queensland.

Umbrella SciSearch proposed the development of a search engine that uses location-based environmental and natural resources data from open-source Queensland Government databases. It would display location-based data in a simple and easy-to-understand webpage, giving users a clearer picture of the environmental landscape.

The Data

Data was drawn from multiple Queensland Government open-source databases, including Wildnet, Soil and Land Information, and Air Quality Monitoring network.

The User

Users type a location into the Umbrella SciSearch search engine, which would return results based on available data. Results displayed include maps, air quality measures, soil and land suitability, local projects and wildlife data.

The Benefits

Umbrella SciSearch aimed to make searching for environmental data in a specific area easier for researchers, scientists or the interested public.