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  • Open Coronavirus covid19 case counts

    The Coronavirus Covid19 case counts should be surfaced here. At the moment I'm having to parse the media releases for the information. Thanks!
    6 days ago
  • Closed QLD Health July 2019 - Elective Surgery Summary 2

    Queensland Health July 2019 - Elective Surgery Summary 2 appears to be missing form the portal
    4 months ago
  • Closed Elective surgery waiting list

    Dear Sir/Madam Last week, I read an article from the Courier Mail (Disturbing diagnosis Marszalek, Jessica.The Courier - Mail; Brisbane, Qld. [Brisbane, Qld]27 Sep 2019: 2). In...
    6 months ago
  • Closed Birth Time for Daughter

    Birth Time for child
    7 months ago
  • Closed Queensland Health HHS

    Hi, Is there a map of Queensland Health's Hospital and Health Service Regions (HHS) please? I can find online the federal level PHS but not the Queensland Health districts....
    7 months ago
  • Closed Suicide rates, by sexes, for Queensland, 1969 onwards

    To Whom It May Concern : As part of a Research Project conducted by the Centre for Research and Intervention on Suicide, Ethical Issues and End of Life Practices (CRISE) in...
    8 months ago