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Data last updated 31 July 2022
Metadata last updated 31 July 2022
Created 31 July 2022
Format xml
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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Datastore activeFalse
Datastore contains all records of source fileFalse
Has viewsFalse
Nature of changeedit-resource-with-no-new-data
Package id23ef264f-e6b4-45f8-ba9b-0e3642bba3c8
Qa{'resource_timestamp': None, 'archival_timestamp': '2023-02-20T23:48:44.996193', 'openness_score': 3, 'openness_score_reason': 'Content of file appeared to be format "XML" which receives openness score: 3.', 'format': 'XML', 'created': '2022-07-30T15:29:37.817832', 'updated': '2023-02-20T23:48:47.043731'}
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Contains open format machine-readable open data.