Consumer Outcomes - Mental Health Services - from 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015


A statewide collection of detailed information on mental health consumer outcomes and case complexity across a wide range of health and social domains.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
MHSO_Name text
SA2code numeric
Agegroup text
Sex text
ServiceSetting text
CollectionReason text
Hnos01 text
Hnos02 text
Hnos03 text
Hnos04 text
Hnos05 text
Hnos06 text
Hnos07 text
Hnos08 text
Hnos08a text
Hnos09 text
Hnos10 text
Hnos11 text
Hnos12 text
HnosC01 text
HnosC02 text
HnosC03 text
HnosC04 text
HnosC05 text
HnosC06 text
HnosC07 text
HnosC08 text
HnosC09 text
HnosC10 text
HnosC11 text
HnosC12 text
HnosC13 text
HnosC14 text
HnosC15 text
CGAS text
Fihs1 text
Fihs2 text
Fihs3 text
Fihs4 text
Fihs5 text
Fihs6 text
Fihs7 text
RugAdl1 text
RugAdl2 text
RugAdl3 text
RugAdl4 text
Lsp01 text
Lsp02 text
Lsp03 text
Lsp04 text
Lsp05 text
Lsp06 text
Lsp07 text
Lsp08 text
Lsp09 text
Lsp10 text
Lsp11 text
Lsp12 text
Lsp13 text
Lsp14 text
Lsp15 text
Lsp16 text
Q01 text
Q02 text
Q03 text
Q04 text
Q05 text
Q06 text
Q07 text
Q08 text
Q09 text
Q10 text
Q11 text
Q12 text
Q13 text
Q14 text
Q15 text
Q16 text
Q17 text
Q18 text
Q19 text
Q20 text
Q21 text
Q22 text
Q23 text
Q24 text
Q25 text
Q26 text
Q27 text
Q28 text
Q29 text
Q30 text
Q31 text
Q32 text
Q33 text
Q34 text
Q35 text
Q36 text
Q37 text
Q38 text
SDQPC1a01 text
SDQPC1a02 text
SDQPC1a03 text
SDQPC1a04 text
SDQPC1a05 text
SDQPC1a06 text
SDQPC1a07 text
SDQPC1a08 text
SDQPC1a09 text
SDQPC1a10 text
SDQPC1a11 text
SDQPC1a12 text
SDQPC1a13 text
SDQPC1a14 text
SDQPC1a15 text
SDQPC1a16 text
SDQPC1a17 text
SDQPC1a18 text
SDQPC1a19 text
SDQPC1a20 text
SDQPC1a21 text
SDQPC1a22 text
SDQPC1a23 text
SDQPC1a24 text
SDQPC1a25 text
SDQPC1a26 text
SDQPC1a27 text
SDQPC1a28 text
SDQPC1a29 text
SDQPC1a30 text
SDQPC1a31 text
SDQPC1a32 text
SDQPC1a33 text
SDQPC1a36 text
SDQPC1a37 text
SDQPC1a38 text
SDQPC1aResp text
SDQPC202 text
SDQPC203 text
SDQPC204 text
SDQPC205 text
SDQPC206 text
SDQPC207 text
SDQPC208 text
SDQPC209 text
SDQPC210 text
SDQPC211 text
SDQPC212 text
SDQPC213 text
SDQPC214 text
SDQPC215 text
SDQPC216 text
SDQPC217 text
SDQPC218 text
SDQPC219 text
SDQPC220 text
SDQPC221 text
SDQPC222 text
SDQPC223 text
SDQPC224 text
SDQPC225 text
SDQPC226 text
SDQPC228 text
SDQPC229 text
SDQPC230 text
SDQPC231 text
SDQPC232 text
SDQPC233 text
SDQPC234 text
SDQPC235 text
SDQPC2Resp text
SDQPY1a01 text
SDQPY1a02 text
SDQPY1a03 text
SDQPY1a04 text
SDQPY1a05 text
SDQPY1a06 text
SDQPY1a07 text
SDQPY1a08 text
SDQPY1a09 text
SDQPY1a10 text
SDQPY1a11 text
SDQPY1a12 text
SDQPY1a13 text
SDQPY1a14 text
SDQPY1a15 text
SDQPY1a16 text
SDQPY1a17 text
SDQPY1a18 text
SDQPY1a19 text
SDQPY1a20 text
SDQPY1a21 text
SDQPY1a22 text
SDQPY1a23 text
SDQPY1a24 text
SDQPY1a25 text
SDQPY1a26 text
SDQPY1a27 text
SDQPY1a28 text
SDQPY1a29 text
SDQPY1a30 text
SDQPY1a31 text
SDQPY1a32 text
SDQPY1a33 text
SDQPY1a36 text
SDQPY1a37 text
SDQPY1a38 text
SDQPY1aResp text
SDQPY201 text
SDQPY202 text
SDQPY203 text
SDQPY204 text
SDQPY205 text
SDQPY206 text
SDQPY207 text
SDQPY208 text
SDQPY209 text
SDQPY210 text
SDQPY211 text
SDQPY212 text
SDQPY213 text
SDQPY214 text
SDQPY215 text
SDQPY216 text
SDQPY217 text
SDQPY218 text
SDQPY219 text
SDQPY220 text
SDQPY221 text
SDQPY222 text
SDQPY223 text
SDQPY224 text
SDQPY225 text
SDQPY226 text
SDQPY227 text
SDQPY228 text
SDQPY229 text
SDQPY230 text
SDQPY231 text
SDQPY232 text
SDQPY233 text
SDQPY234 text
SDQPY235 text
SDQPY2Resp text
SDQYR1a01 text
SDQYR1a02 text
SDQYR1a03 text
SDQYR1a04 text
SDQYR1a05 text
SDQYR1a06 text
SDQYR1a07 text
SDQYR1a08 text
SDQYR1a09 text
SDQYR1a10 text
SDQYR1a11 text
SDQYR1a12 text
SDQYR1a13 text
SDQYR1a14 text
SDQYR1a15 text
SDQYR1a16 text
SDQYR1a17 text
SDQYR1a18 text
SDQYR1a19 text
SDQYR1a20 text
SDQYR1a21 text
SDQYR1a22 text
SDQYR1a23 text
SDQYR1a24 text
SDQYR1a25 text
SDQYR1a26 text
SDQYR1a27 text
SDQYR1a28 text
SDQYR1a29 text
SDQYR1a30 text
SDQYR1a31 text
SDQYR1a32 text
SDQYR1a33 text
SDQYR1a39 text
SDQYR1a40 text
SDQYR1a41 text
SDQYR1a42 text
SDQYR201 text
SDQYR202 text
SDQYR203 text
SDQYR204 text
SDQYR205 text
SDQYR206 text
SDQYR207 text
SDQYR208 text
SDQYR209 text
SDQYR210 text
SDQYR211 text
SDQYR212 text
SDQYR213 text
SDQYR214 text
SDQYR215 text
SDQYR216 text
SDQYR217 text
SDQYR218 text
SDQYR219 text
SDQYR220 text
SDQYR221 text
SDQYR222 text
SDQYR223 text
SDQYR224 text
SDQYR225 text
SDQYR226 text
SDQYR228 text
SDQYR229 text
SDQYR230 text
SDQYR231 text
SDQYR232 text
SDQYR233 text
SDQYR234 text
SDQYR235 text

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