Queensland Imagery Aerial Ortho SISP Restricted Time-Series Service

URL: http://qldspatial.information.qld.gov.au/catalogue/custom/search.page?q="Queensland Imagery Aerial ortho sisp Restricted Time - series Service"

A time series image service that displays authoritative general reference imagery captured by remotely piloted aircraft systems (drones) and piloted aircraft over areas of Queensland. This service is designed to provide access to the full State Remotely Sensed Image Library collection of this data and license type including the latest available restricted aerial photography over Queensland under the Spatial Imagery Subscription Plan (SISP). The complete metadata record for this service and further individual epoch mosaic product metadata information is available from the Queensland Spatial Catalogue (QSpatial). The use of this image service and the imagery data contained is restricted under license to SISP members for the purposes of internal use. Internal use means the right to use Imagery by a party or consultant of that party only for purposes for that party, without the right to distribute, assign or sublicense the use of Imagery. Hard copy products and non-editable images (e.g. PDF files) containing the Imagery may be created and distributed provided there is no charge and revenue is not generated to offset any free distribution (e.g. advertising). The use of this service in public facing viewing systems is permitted, including those with the ability to create hard copy products and non-editable images as per the above provision. Under end user licence obligations the attribution text shown in the “Copyright Text” field must be included on any copies of the licensed data however they are altered, reformatted or redisplayed.

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