Get class names


Lists all of the class common and scientific names for a specified kingdom from the Department of Environment and Science's WildNet database.

Species profile search can be used to view all the class names for WildNet's kingdoms and access species information (by name or a taxonomy search) approved for release from the WildNet database.

The Conservation status of Queensland wildlife dataset that is generated weekly can be accessed to obtain a complete list of the current taxonomy from the WildNet database.

Mandatory Variables
kingdom: A kingdom's common name. For a current list access Get kingdom names.

Optional Variables
f: The format of the response. There are 3 possible options; json, xml and csv. Json is the default if 'f' is not set.

Output Field Descriptions
KingdomName: The scientific name for the kingdom.
KingdomCommonName: The common name for the kingdom.
ClassName: The scientific name for the class.
ClassCommonName: The common name for the class.

Example outputs
- JSON: (default):
- XML:
- CSV:

Examples using different inputs (csv format specified)

Additional Information

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