Get family names


Lists all of the family common and scientific names within a specified class from the Department of Environment and Science's WildNet database.

Species profile search can be used to view all the family names for a WildNet class and access species information (by name or a taxonomy search) approved for release from the WildNet database.

The Conservation status of Queensland wildlife dataset that is generated weekly can be accessed to obtain a complete list of the current taxonomy from the WildNet database.

Mandatory Variables
kingdom: A kingdom's common name. For a current list access Get kingdom names.
class: A class scientific name. For a current list of classes access Get class names.

Optional Variables
f: The format of the response. There are 3 possible options; json, xml and csv. Json is the default if 'f' is not set.

Output Field Descriptions
KingdomName: The scientific name for the kingdom.
KingdomCommonName: The common name for the kingdom.
ClassName: The scientific name for the class.
ClassCommonName: The common name for the class.
FamilyName: The scientific name for the family.
FamilyCommonName: The common name for the family.
FamilyRank: The numerical rank for the family from the WildNet database.

Example outputs
- JSON: (default):
- XML:
- CSV:

Examples using different inputs

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