Get projects


Lists the project names (and associated ids) from the Department of Environment and Science's WildNet database that have data approved for release.

WetlandMaps provides a map interface to display a project data derived using the Get sites, Get surveys and Get surveys by species functions with other spatial layers (such as protected areas and wetland mapping).

Optional Variables
bbox: A bounding box that defines a geographical area. Specified as top left, bottom right (e.g. latitude,longitude,latitude, longitude) in decimal degrees.
circle: A circle (buffered point) that defines a geographical area. Specified as the circle centre coordinates (in decimal degrees), radius (in metres) (e.g. latitude,longitude,distance).
f: The format of the response. There are 4 possible options; json, xml, kml and csv. Json is the default if 'f' is not set. If the output is spatial, GeoJson will be return for 'f=json' and KML will be returned for 'f=xml' or 'f=kml'.
org: Organisation ID - An ID that is associated with an organisation. Use Get organisations to access organisation IDs.

Output Field Descriptions:
ProjectID: The unique identifier for the project within the WildNet database.
ProjectName: The name of the project.
OrganisationID: The unique identifier for the organisation within the WildNet database.
OrganisationName: The name of the organisation associated with the project.
OrganisationAcronym: The acronym for the organisation associated with the project.

Example outputs
- JSON: (default):
- XML:
- CSV:

Examples using different inputs (csv format specified)

Additional Information

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