Get surveys by species


Lists a summary of the surveys and their locations associated with a species (taxon id) as specified by 'species'.

Downloads may not work for species that have thousands of locations (e.g. koala). You will need to download subsets of the data as described below. WildNet Koala Locations is an export of koala locations derived using this function.

Species profile search can be used to locate species information (by name or a taxonomy search). It uses the Get species by ID function to display species profiles with images and maps and uses the Get surveys by species function for downloading data.

WetlandMaps provides a map interface to display the data derived from Get sites, Get surveys and Get surveys by species functions with other spatial layers (such as protected areas and wetland mapping).

Biomaps provides a map interface to display the WildNet records approved for publication with other spatial layers (such as cadastre, protected areas, vegetation and biodiversity value mapping). A range of WildNet reports based on all WildNet records and other environmental reports can be requested for properties and drawn areas etc.

Mandatory Variables
taxonid: A unique id that identifies a particular species. Use Get species to access taxonids.

Optional Variables
bbox: A bounding box that defines a geographical area. Specified as top left, bottom right (e.g. latitude,longitude,latitude, longitude) in decimal degrees.
circle: A circle (buffered point) that defines a geographical area. Specified as the circle centre coordinates (in decimal degrees), radius (in metres), (e.g. latitude,longitude,distance).
f: The format of the response. There are 4 possible options; json, xml, kml and csv. Json is the default if 'f' is not set. If the output is spatial, GeoJson will be return for 'f=json' and KML will be returned for 'f=xml' or 'f=kml'.
max: Maximum Start Date - The latest date for a record to be returned.
min: Minimum Start Date - The earliest date for a record to be returned.
p: Location Precision - The distance in metres that indicates the accuracy of the records location.
pagecount: Page Count - The number of records to return on a page.
pageindex: Page Index - The page index to return.
proj: Include Project Details - This indicates if the project details are to be included in the output. The default is true.

Example outputs
- GEOJSON: (default):
- KML:
- CSV:

Examples using different inputs (csv format specified)

Additional Information

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