2018 Community Insights Data

URL: https://www.data.qld.gov.au/dataset/44afb6de-dac7-49d5-b65b-583286d47b6c/resource/090dbf8c-6ada-4701-a74f-6fffb8a8ba8a/download/2018-communityinsights-data.xlsx

2018 Community Insights data

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
sys_RespNum numeric
QAge numeric
QGender text
QWorkStatus_1 text
QWorkStatus_2 text
QWorkStatus_3 text
QWorkStatus_4 numeric
Postcode numeric
NotApplicable_1 text
Suburb text
QRegion text
QFES Region text
GCCSA text
Profile numeric
Q2_Bushfire text
Q2_Flood text
Q2_Storm text
Q2_Cyclone text
Q2_Earthquake text
Q2_Storm surge text
Q2_Heatwave text
Q2_Hazardous material incident text
Q2_Structure Fire text
Q2_Pandemic/widespread disease text
Q2_Vehicle fire text
Q2_Transport accident text
Q2_Terrorism text
Q2_Other text
Q2_OtherReason text
Q3_Bushfire text
Q3_Flood text
Q3_Storm text
Q3_Cyclone text
Q3_Earthquake text
Q3_Storm surge text
Q3_Heatwave text
Q3_Hazardous material text
Q3_Structure Fire text
Q3_Pandemic/widespread disease text
Q3_Vehicle fire text
Q3_Transport accident text
Q3_Terrorism text
Q3_Other text
Q3_Other Reason text
Q4_Install battery operated smoke alarm text
Q4_Install hard wired smoke alarms text
Q4_Change smoke alarm battery text
Q4_Test the smoke alarm text
Q4_Raise ground level of building text
Q4_Install sprinkler system text
Q4_Install gutter grards text
Q4_Relocate building from flood/fire prone area text
Q4_Seal building below flood level text
Q4_Replace materials with water-resistant options text
Q4_Reinforce part of building cyclone rating text
Q4_Add non-monitored fire alarm text
Q4_Add remotely monitored fire alarm text
Q4_Reinforce building to withstand earthquake text
Q4_Install protective covers for windows text
Q4_Install back-up energy supply text
Q4_Add a flood levee text
Q4_Install a fire break text
Q4_Maintain a fire break text
Q4_Add or improve property drainage text
Q4_Add wind breaks text
Q4_Add a storm surge barrier text
Q4_Clean items from around building text
Q4_Clear access to property-hydrant text
Q4_Cleaned/vacuumed smoke alarms text
Q4_Other text
Q4_Other Reason text
Q5_Fire Plan text
Q5_Written plan for evacuating text
Q5_Talked about evacuation plan text
Q5_Planned safe evacuation route text
Q5_Prepared emergency kit text
Q5_Prepared evacuation kit text
Q5_Check LGA website text
Q5_Checked QFES website text
Q5_Identified friends/family text
Q5_Completed first aid course text
Q5_Considered pets in planning text
Q5_Other text
Q5_Other reason text
Q6 - Smoke Alarms Installed text
Q7_Living Areas text
Q7_Hallways text
Q7_Main bedroom text
Q7_Other bedroom text
Q7_Garage text
Q7_Elsewhere text
Q7_Elsewhere location text
Q11_Aware Legislation text
Q12_Likelyhood of interconnected smoke alarms text
Q14_Myself text
Q14_QFES text
Q14_QPS text
Q14_LGA text
Q14_Other State Government text
Q14_Federal Government text
Q14_The media text
Q14_Other text
Q14_Other Reason text
Q15_Fire & hazard response text
Q15_Search and rescue text
Q15_Recovery services text
Q15_Temp repair of property text
Q15_Rescue of animals text
Q15_Hazard reduction acitivies text
Q15_Research text
Q15_Education text
Q15_Community safety checks text
Q15_Warning and alerts text
Q15_Other text
Q15_Other reason text
Q16_Confidence in Insurance Cover text
Q17_Own business text
Q18_Confidence in Business Insurance Cover text
Q19_BCP text
Q20_Identified way to mitigate impacts text
Q21_Environment numeric
Q21_Local businesses numeric
Q21_Residential homes numeric
Q21_Childcare facilities numeric
Q21_Schools numeric
Q21_Energy infrastructure numeric
Q21_Aged care facilities numeric
Q21_Medical facilities numeric
Q21_Phone & internet infrastructure numeric
Q21_Water infrastructure numeric
Q21_Ports and shipping infrastructure numeric
Q21_Transport infrastructure numeric
Q21_Sites of cultural significance numeric
Q22_General info on disaster events text
Q22_Info specific to location text
Q22_Will respond in event of disaster text
Q22_Support Council to deliver disaster management text
Q22_Provide advice to disaster management groups text
Q22_Improve community's ability to understand text
Q22_Minimise impact on environment text
Q22_Provide value for money text
Q22_Actively seeks innovative ways text
Q22_Provide ongoing assistance following event text
Q23_Importance1 text
Q23_Importance2 text
Q24_Bushfire text
Q24_Flood text
Q24_Storm text
Q24_Cyclone text
Q24_Earthquake text
Q24_Storm surge text
Q24_Heatwave text
Q24_Hazardous material text
Q24_Structure fire text
Q24_Pandemic/Widespread disease text
Q24_Vehicle fire text
Q24_Transport accident text
Q24_Terrorism text
Q25_Service Delivered by QFES text
Q25_QFES Satisfaction text
Q26_Moved house text
Q27_Moved from text
Q28_Consider working for QFES text
Q28_Contribute to community text
Q28_Help people text
Q28_Learn something new text
Q28_Expand social contacts text
Q28_Change careers text
Q28_Improve resume text
Q28_Other text
Q28_Other Yes Reason text
Q28_Working for QFES No Reason text
Q29_QFES Volunteer text
Q29_Contribute to community text
Q29_Help people text
Q29_Learn something new text
Q29_Expand social contacts text
Q29_Change careers text
Q29_Improve resume text
Q29_Other text
Q29_Other yes reason text
Q29_No volunteer reason text
Q32_Country of Birth text
Q32_Country of birth other text
Q33_ATSI text
Q34_Education text
Q35_Employment text
Q35_Employment other text
Q36_Family situation text
Q36_Family situation other text
Q37_Speaks other language text
Q38_Language Spoken text
Q38_Language spoken other text
Q39_Interpreter text
Q40_Home ownership text
Q40_Home ownership other text
Q41_Household income text
Q42_Home built text
Q43_Type of dwelling text
Q43_Type of dwelling other text
Q44_Number of levels text
Weighting numeric
SampleMrk numeric
WTS_TAR numeric
Q28aMapped_YesPaid text
Q28bMapped_NoPaid text
Q29aMapped_YesVolunteer text
Q29bMapped_NoVolunteer text

Additional Information

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Created January 24, 2019
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