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The Property Location Service Plus- Public version (PLSplus-Public) is available to anyone and used to validate Queensland addresses and property descriptions. The service can also supply location data from a geocode. The service does not offer interstate (non Queensland) address validation information. The service is free of charge and requires authentication. The service versions available are Soap and REST. To use the PLSplus-Public soap service an application utilising a file called a "WSDL" (Web Service Description Language) is required. The WSDL is an XML-based language that is used for describing the functionality offered by a web service.The WSDL description provides a machine-readable description of how the service can be called, what parameters it expects, and what data structures it returns. The wsdl is available (with service guidelines) at the online resources link of this record. The wsdl contains the required endpoint for the service. PLSplus-Public now requires authentication to use it but the wsdl can be viewed at

REST uri's and json examples for each function are available in the online resources zip file.

Support is only available to authenticated users. Instructions to apply for username and password are contained in the Information document found at the online resources link.PLSplus-Public provides the following operations:- ValidateAddress- ValidateLotPlan- ValidateCoordinates- ParseAddress and AutoCompleteAddressA successful validation of any of the first four operations (for Queensland locations) will also return other information, such as address, lot on plan, coordinates, address type and a matching confidence level for each request.The ValidateAddress operation validates the existence of a requested address. The address elements are in a rigid structure based around Australian Addressing Standards. If an identical address is found it returns all information about the address with a matching confidence. If no exact match is found it returns possible candidate addresses (up to 500) that best match the search criteria. A global confidence is given for all candidates. The requested elements of the address is parsed by the application.The ValidateAddress operation also geocodes the address and returns the geocoded coordinates.- The only field that is mandatory in the request is the street name or property name- Street Name can consist of a "street name" or "street name" and "street type",or "street name" and "street type" and "street suffix".- McCaul- McCaul Street- McCaul Street NorthThe ValidateLotPlan operation validates the existence of a Queensland "Lot on Plan" description and also returns the addresses and geocodes (if the parcel has them) for valid parcels. The requested Lot on Plan elements must be in a rigid structure to be parsed by the application. It should be noted that not all valid property descriptions have addresses and some parcels may have multiple addresses.The ValidateCoordinates operation provides a service to validate entered Latitude/Longitude coordinates within Queensland and return the closest addresses for the requested location. Search logic begins with a radius of of up to 250 metres. If no result is found the service locates the parcel or the coordinates and returns all addresses on that parcel. The coordinates elements is a rigid structure to be parsed by the application. Coordinates (in Degree.Decmial format ) with search box limited to - North Latitude: -9.0 West Longitude: 138.0- South Latitude: -29.5 East Longitude:155.0 - Coordinates will always be a negative Latitude and a positive Longitude.The AutoCompleteAddress operation returns up to 50 valid addresses based on the input of a text string. The longer the string typed the shorter the list of candidate addresses. Any address from returned candidates can be used as input to ParseAddress operation to return further information about the address. The ParseAddress operation provides a service to parse (into address components) and validate any single line Queensland address and return any associated addresses, lot on plans, geocode and confidence for a requested address. eg. Unit 1 25B Smith Street East Earlsville Qld

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