Point Source Monitoring - Sewage Treatment Release Locations in Queensland

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The point source monitoring included in this dataset is from monitoring submitted to the Water Tracking and Electronic Reporting System (WaTERS). The sewage treatment facilities submitting this data are regulated activities under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and are monitoring release of water and/or monitoring of water in the receiving environment as required by environmental approvals.Release to water involves a direct discharge to a waterway that could include creeks, rivers, estuaries, bays or ocean. The spatial locations presented typically relate to the point at which the pipe enters the environment, and is not necessarily the monitoring location. Release to land is generally via irrigation and is sometimes referred to as land disposal. The spatial locations presented for release to land typically relate to the centre of the irrigation area, and is not necessarily the monitoring location.Parameters will vary across activity type, size and locations. Monitoring of sewage treatment releases typically includes release volume (daily) and a range of water quality parameters such as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, pH, total nitrogen, total phosphorus and faecal coliforms.

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