NDRP Storm Tide Hazard Interpolation - Central

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Water level rasters (m AHD), depth rasters (m) and flood extent polygons for the Queensland coast have been estimated based on point data from the NDRP Storm Tide Hazard Interpolation Study (GHD, 2014).These layers have been developed through GHD's proprietary GIS toolset that acts to extrapolate point data to a provided DEM.The DEM for this project was provided by the Queensland Government at 10 m resolution for the QLD coast. Due to size limitations, this DEM was clipped to form a Southern, Central and Northern region. Each of the provided rasters and shape files has been developed based on one of these DEM extents.Wave setup have been mapped to a region 200 m either side of the coastline within areas likely to be affected by wave setup. Outside of the wave setup mapping area, tide plus surge only levels have been mapped.See: https://publications.qld.gov.au/dataset/ndrp-storm-tide-hazard-interpolation-study-report

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