General transit feed specification (GTFS)—South East Queensland

Timetable data and stop locations for all available TransLink division South East Queensland (SEQ) urban bus, rail and ferry services.

In addition to this data, the TransLink PT Performance Dashboard provides visual and interactive performance data on patronage, on-time-running, fines and warnings, passenger injuries, and customer experience metrics.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Source Not applicable
Version 2.1
Security Classification PUBLIC
Used in data driven application NO
Update Frequency Annually


Gravatar sugar commented on 01 Aug 2019, 9:35AM

This comment was deleted.

Gravatar Erick T Tops commented on 10 Oct 2019, 2:56AM

Invalid GTFS Static data for StopTimes

I believe you have invalid records in your StopTimes.
You have 19 records in the StopTimes dataset with a trip id of "11602771-BBL 18_19-BBL_WD-Weekday-01"
However, your Trip data set does not contain a record with a TripID of "11602771-BBL 18_19-BBL_WD-Weekday-01". According to the standard the TripID in StopTimes is a foreign key in Trips (TripID being PK).


Gravatar publisher-186 commented on 10 Oct 2019, 5:44PM

Invalid GTFS Static data for StopTimes

Hi Erick
The Trip ID you are referring to does not appear in the current set of GTFS files which was exported on 23rd September. I also checked the past three previous exports and it doesn't appear in any of them either? Are you able to confirm you are using the latest set of GTFS files or provide more details on the date of the files which appears in the feed_info.txt file.

Gravatar Brendan Wong commented on 02 Nov 2019, 2:12AM

Missing ShapeId for all ServiceID QR 19_20-RTFS-Sunday-04 trips


I have noticed in the 21st October GTFS static release that all trips under Queensland Rail ServiceID "QR 19_20-RTFS-Sunday-04", effective as of this Sunday (3rd November), do not have shapeId assigned. I imagine this will cause issues in many applications.


Gravatar publisher-186 commented on 04 Nov 2019, 4:53PM

Missing ShapeId for all ServiceID QR 19_20-RTFS-Sunday-04 trips

Hi Brendan
Thanks for your sending through those details. There were indeed shapes IDs missing from one of the QR schedules and we uploaded a new set of GTFS files on Friday to resolve this.
Kind regards
TransLink Open Data Team

Gravatar Brendan Wong commented on 04 Nov 2019, 9:16PM


That's good to know. Just wondering, is there any way to be notified of all changes? While the feed_info file reflects the 1st of Nov, the dataset website page remains on 21st of Oct.


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