Emily Sunderland commented on 29 Jan 2020, 1:51AM

2019 Crash Data

Hello - when will the 2019 crash data be made available?

data.qld Publisher 553 commented on 20 Feb 2020, 10:10PM

Hi Emily,

Thank you for your enquiry. The next load of the crash data is not expected to occur until July 2020. Please email if you have a specific request around the crash data.

TMR Debbie

MW Data Services commented on 16 Feb 2020, 11:07PM

latest data

Agree with Emily, when will the 2019 data be available, also is there a possibility that a cut down verson of the crash data could be uploaded up to the current date, that is if all data was not available then severity, dca, date, time, unit type could be useful to some practicioners and we would be aware that its not complete and may change.

data.qld Publisher 553 commented on 20 Feb 2020, 10:18PM

Thank you for your enquiry. The next load of the crash data is not expected to occur until July 2020. You can email, they will be able to advise what data might be available prior to the next update of the dataset in July.

TMR Debbie

Mellisa Diqer commented on 30 Sep 2020, 7:30PM

2019 Crash Data

Hi - could you please advise when the 2019 Crash Data will be released?

data.qld Publisher 553 commented on 18 Jun 2021, 10:39AM

Thank you for your enquiry. The crash data up to 31 December 2020 is currently being prepared for release and we expect the data to be published by 30 July 2021.

TMR Open Data Team

Kirstin Palmer commented on 15 Apr 2021, 8:39AM

Factors in Road Crashes

Hi - does the "Involving Drink Driving" column in the Factors in Road Crashes consider alcohol and drugs or simply alcohol?

Byron commented on 04 Dec 2021, 1:53PM

Human error/decisions contributing to Road Crashes

I am a student (and Civil Engineer) currently completing my thesis at USQ. The thesis topic is Human behaviour and rural/remote crashes.

By any chance, is there a combined data set available (for study purposes) that includes a description for crashes involving alcohol/drugs, speed, distraction, fatigue/inattention, and not wearing seatbelts?

If this is a request to be taken offline, I am contactable anytime on 0488238898 or

Kind regards,

data.qld Publisher 553 commented on 18 May 2022, 2:20PM

Registration, licensing and crash statistics are also available on the TMR Road Safety Statistics Website -

If you require further crash, registration, licensing or infringement information, please fill out a data request form ( and return via email to Data Analysis.

Solomon commented on 11 Oct 2022, 2:50PM

Model for crash severity

I have just performed a model to identify factors associated with crash severity using the online freely available data set: 2001 to 2021. I would like to address the findings to the department of TMR. Any advice on this would be appreciated. I can be contacted via e-mail:

data.qld Publisher 553 commented on 12 Oct 2022, 5:21PM

Hello Solomon,
Thank you for your interest in our datasets. Your comment has been directed to the relevant area of TMR and you should receive a response within 10 working days.

TMR Open Data Team

Prue oswin commented on 06 Apr 2023, 6:58AM

Unit Types

The Queensland Crash location data provides a pretty comprehensive overview of crashes, geotagged to their location. This information is really useful for investigation sites. One significant limitation is that it does not include unit type. This means that we cannot determine whether the crashes are between passenger vehicles or bicycles, motorcycles. I think it's important unit type is included so that we can get an understanding of risk to these vulnerable users. Pedestrian crashes are already distinguishable because they have their own crash DCA code.

Matt commented on 04 Sep 2023, 1:56PM



Seems ambiguous to me. Does this mean the vehicle was approaching FROM the direction specified or travelling in the direction specified ?

sab-gcpm commented on 22 Jan 2024, 11:10AM

Inaccurate coordinates

Hi. There are some inaccurate coordinates from a 2001 incident. Not a big thing, however when using this data on a visual aid, such as Power BI with Map imagery. The default map setting shows entire earth rather than just QLD.

Its Crash reference Number 5, which ends up being somewhere in the ocean off West Africa :)

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