Coastal Data System - Waves (Mackay)

Measured/Calculated wave parameters. Measured and derived wave data from data collected by oceanographic wave measuring buoys anchored at Mackay.
Please note that as at the 01/05/2017 the data at this site has been upgraded, as the site now has a new buoy type which uses a higher measuring frequency of 2.5Hz.

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Field names are;
Hs - Significant wave height, an average of the highest third of the waves in a record (26.6 minute recording period).
Hmax - The maximum wave height in the record.
Tz - The zero upcrossing wave period.
Tp - The peak energy wave period.
Dir_Tp TRUE - Direction (related to true north) from which the peak period waves are coming from.
SST - Approximation of sea surface temperature.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Source Not applicable
Version 1
Security Classification PUBLIC
Used in data driven application NO
Update Frequency Monthly


Gravatar Rob Penfold commented on 19 Oct 2019, 8:16PM

Mackay inner wave monitoring bouy

Can you tell me if the Mackay inner waver monitoring bouy is going to be fixed. It failed shortly after installation last year and has been offline ever since.

Gravatar publisher-027 commented on 21 Nov 2019, 2:47AM

Mackay Inner Wave Monitoring Buoy

Hi Rob,

Thank you for your enquiry. 

The Mackay Inner Buoy has just been re-deployed as of today. 

Kind Regards,
Mark Schier

Technical Officer - QGHL - DES

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