2015/16 Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services (AODTS) National Minimum Data Set (NMDS)

URL: https://www.data.qld.gov.au/dataset/f1c737da-4ff2-4095-9a73-92c3761a55e8/resource/1417098d-e1b9-45e0-ae8e-527705673e3c/download/aod-open-data-1516-v2.xlsx

The Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services (AODTS) National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) is an annual collection of information regarding the clients who use alcohol and other drug treatment services, the types of drug problems for which treatment is sought and the types of treatment they receive.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Sector text
HHS text
Sex numeric
AgeGroup text
CountryOfBirth numeric
IndigenousStatus numeric
PreferredLanguage numeric
ClientType numeric
SourceOfReferral numeric
MonthOfCommencement text
MonthOfCessation text
TreatmentDurationDays numeric
ReasonForCessationOfTreatmentEpisode numeric
TreatmentDeliverySetting numeric
MethodOfUse numeric
InjectingDrugUse numeric
PrincipalDrugOfConcern numeric
OtherDrugOfConcern1 numeric
OtherDrugOfConcern2 numeric
OtherDrugOfConcern3 numeric
OtherDrugOfConcern4 numeric
OtherDrugOfConcern5 numeric
MainTreatmentType numeric
OtherTreatmentType1 numeric
OtherTreatmentType2 text
OtherTreatmentType3 text
OtherTreatmentType4 text
PostCode numeric
CurrentAccomodation numeric

Additional Information

Field Value
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Created March 7, 2018
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