Brisbane CBD (South East Queensland) 2015 hourly air quality and meteorological data


Period of operation: 1 January to 31 December 2015
Site location: Latitude: -27.4774; Longitude: 153.0281
AS/NZS 3580.1.1 site classification: Neighbourhood
AS/NZS 3580.1.1 compliance (pollutants): Complies, except for:

  • Equipment located in room on sixth floor of building.
  • Nephelometer inlet located on eastern side of building, 1 metre out from building.
  • PM10 inlet located on building roof above equipment room, 1 metre above roof surface.
  • Building lift shaft higher than PM10 inlet located 8 metres south of inlet.

AS/NZS 3580.14:2011 compliance (meteorology): Complies, with exceptions:

  • Building lift shaft higher than wind sensor and within 10 metres of sensor.
  • Buildings higher than wind sensor located within 40 metres of sensor.
  • Temperature sensor located in non-aspirated radiation shield 1 metre above the roof surface.

Wind: Ultrasonic sensor

  • Height above roof level: 4 metres.
  • The wind direction sensor is aligned to magnetic north. The reported wind direction is referenced to true north by application of a magnetic declination correction of +11 degrees to the sensor output value.

Temperature: Capacitive ceramic sensor
PM10: Tapered Element Oscillating Balance (TEOM) Model 1400AB operated in accordance with AS 3580.9.8

  • Measurement values do not compensate for loss of semi-volatile components from the collected particulate matter.
  • Instrument output values are adjusted in accordance with US EPA equivalence designation method EQPM-1090-079 requirements (scaled by 1.03, offset by +3.0).
  • After adjustment, negative hourly PM10 concentrations less than -0.5 µg/m^3 are removed and concentrations between -0.5 µg/m^3 and 0.0 µg/m^3 are set to 0.0 µg/m^3.

Visibility-reducing particles: Nephelometer operated in accordance with AS/NZS 3580.12.1

  • Detector spectral response centred at 530 nm.
  • Instrument output offset and/or scaled based on calibration and daily zero/span response data.

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