Gatton (South East Queensland) 2015 hourly meteorological data


Period of operation: 1 January to 23 September 2015 (site offline from 24 September to 31 December due to site infrastructure upgrade)
Site location: Latitude: -27.5434; Longitude: 152.3343
AS/NZS 3580.1.1:2007 site classification: Background
AS/NZS 3580.14:2011 compliance (meteorology): Complies fully
Wind: Mechanical cup and vane

  • Height above ground level: 10 metres.
  • The wind direction sensor is aligned to magnetic north. The reported wind direction is referenced to true north by application of a magnetic declination correction of +11 degrees to the sensor output value.

Temperature: Platinum resistance sensor

  • Height above ground level: 2 metres.

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