Memorial Park (Gladstone) 2013 hourly air quality data


Period of operation: 1 January to 31 December 2013
Site location: Latitude: -23.8426; Longitude: 151.2534
AS/NZS 3580.1.1:2007 site classification: Neighbourhood
AS/NZS 3580.1.1:2007 compliance (pollutants): Complies, except for:

  • DOAS light path between 4 metres and 25 metres above ground level. Ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, benzene, toluene, xylenes (total) and formaldehyde: Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) analyser
  • Reported value is average concentration over 520 metre light path running southwest-northeast from (-23.8443, 151.2517) to (-23.8409,151.2550).
  • Instrument output offset and/or scaled based on instrument calibration data.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Date timestamp
Time text
Ozone (ppm) numeric
Nitrogen Dioxide (ppm) numeric
Sulfur Dioxide (ppm) numeric
Benzene (ppb) numeric
Toluene (ppb) numeric
Xylenes (all) (ppb) numeric
Formaldehyde (ppb) numeric

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