2014—Year 12 outcomes

URL: https://www.qcaa.qld.edu.au/downloads/publications/qcaa_stats_yr12_outcomes_14_all_schools.csv

A csv of the educational outcomes of students who completed Year 12 in 2014, by school attended.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
School text
Locality text
SEP numeric
QCE text
QCIA text
VET text
SAT text
OP text
IBD text
Senior_Statement_only numeric
PCT_QTAC_applicants_with_tertiary_offer text
QCE_N numeric
QCE_VET text
QCE_SAT text
QCE_CertI text
QCE_CertII text
QCE_CertIII text
QCE_CertIV text
QCE_VET_Dip_or_Adv_Dip text
QCE_uni_subject_at_school text
QCE_VET_Dip_or_Adv_Dip_unit_at_school text
not_yet_QCE_N numeric
not_yet_QCE_VET text
not_yet_QCE_SAT text
not_yet_QCE_CertI text
not_yet_QCE_CertII text
not_yet_QCE_CertIII text
not_yet_QCE_CertIV text
not_yet_QCE_VET_Dip_or_AdvDip text
not_yet_QCE_uni_subject_at_school text
not_yet_QCE_VET_Dip_or_AdvDip_unit_at_school text
QCIA_N numeric
QCIA_VET numeric
QCIA_CertI text
QCIA_CertII text
QCIA_CertIII text
OP_N numeric
OP_QCE numeric
OP_VET text
OP_SAT text
OP_CertI text
OP_CertII text
OP_CertIII text
OP_CertIV text
OP_VET_Dip_or_AdvDip text
OP_uni_subject_at_school text
OP_VET_Dip_or_AdvDip_unit_at_school text
OPinelig_N numeric
OPinelig_QCE numeric
OPinelig_VET numeric
OPinelig_SAT text
OPinelig_CertI text
OPinelig_CertII text
OPinelig_CertIII text
OPinelig_CertIV text
OPinelig_VET_Dip_or_AdvDip text
OPinelig_uni_subject_at_school text
OPinelig_VET_Dip_or_AdvDip_unit_at_school text
OP1_5 numeric
OP6_10 numeric
OP11_15 numeric
OP16_20 numeric
OP21_25 numeric
IBD_N numeric
IBD_QCE numeric
IBD_VET text
IBD_SAT text
IBD_CertI text
IBD_CertII text
IBD_CertIII text
IBD_CertIV timestamp
IBD_VET_Dip_or_AdvDip timestamp
IBD_uni_subject_at_school text
IBD_VET_Dip_or_AdvDip_unit_at_school timestamp
notIBD_N numeric
notIBD_QCE text
notIBD_VET text
notIBD_SAT text
notIBD_CertI timestamp
notIBD_CertII text
notIBD_CertIII text
notIBD_CertIV timestamp
notIBD_VET_Dip_or_AdvDip timestamp
notIBD_uni_subject_at_school text
notIBD_VET_Dip_or_AdvDip_unit_at_school text
IBD45_41 numeric
IBD40_36 numeric
IBD35_31 numeric
IBD30_24 numeric

Additional Information

Field Value
Last updated July 11, 2019
Created March 26, 2015
Format CSV
License Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
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