QFES Householders Survey data 2016

URL: https://www.data.qld.gov.au/dataset/44afb6de-dac7-49d5-b65b-583286d47b6c/resource/1ddc95ed-4264-4914-809b-516b8950b3f4/download/qfes-household-2016-data.xlsx

Results from the QFES Householders Survey 2016.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Respondent_Serial numeric
Respondent_ID text
SC1 text
SC2 numeric
SC2_Codes text
HQSC2 text
qAge text
SC3 numeric
H_SC3 text
H_SC3_dummy1 text
H_SC3_dummy2 text
H_SC3_dummy3 text
H_SC3_dummy4 text
H_SC3_dummy5 text
H_SC3_dummy6 text
H_SC3_dummy7 text
hSoftTerminates1 text
hSoftTerminates2 text
welcometext text
A1 text
A1_Other text
A2 text
A3 text
B1 text
B2 text
B31 text
B32 text
B33 text
B34 text
B35 text
B36 text
B37 text
B38 text
B3_Other text
B4 text
B5 text
B6 text
B7 text
B81 text
B82 text
B83 text
B84 text
B85 text
B91 text
B92 text
B93 text
B94 text
B10 text
B10a text
C11 text
C12 text
C13 text
C14 text
C15 text
C16 text
C17 text
C18 text
C1_Other text
C2 text
C3 text
C4 text
C5 text
C6 text
D11 text
D12 text
D13 text
D14 text
D15 text
D16 text
D17 text
D18 text
D19 text
D1_Other text
D2_1_slice text
D2_2_slice text
D2_3_slice text
D2_4_slice text
D2_5_slice text
D2_6_slice text
D2_97_slice text
D3_1_slice1 text
D3_1_slice2 text
D3_1_slice3 text
D3_1_slice4 text
D3_1_slice5 text
D3_1_slice6 text
D3_1_slice7 text
D3_2_slice1 text
D3_2_slice2 text
D3_2_slice3 text
D3_2_slice4 text
D3_2_slice5 text
D3_2_slice6 text
D3_2_slice7 text
D3_3_slice1 text
D3_3_slice2 text
D3_3_slice3 text
D3_3_slice4 text
D3_3_slice5 text
D3_3_slice6 text
D3_3_slice7 text
D3_4_slice1 text
D3_4_slice2 text
D3_4_slice3 text
D3_4_slice4 text
D3_4_slice5 text
D3_4_slice6 text
D3_4_slice7 text
D3_5_slice1 text
D3_5_slice2 text
D3_5_slice3 text
D3_5_slice4 text
D3_5_slice5 text
D3_5_slice6 text
D3_5_slice7 text
D3_6_slice1 text
D3_6_slice2 text
D3_6_slice3 text
D3_6_slice4 text
D3_6_slice5 text
D3_6_slice6 text
D3_6_slice7 text
D3_97_slice1 text
D3_97_slice2 text
D3_97_slice3 text
D3_97_slice4 text
D3_97_slice5 text
D3_97_slice6 text
D3_97_slice7 text
D4 text
D5 text
F9 text
F10 text
F11 text
F12 text
F12A text
F13_1_slice text
F13_2_slice text
F13_3_slice text
F13_4_slice text
F13_5_slice text
F1a1 text
F1a2 text
F1a3 text
F1a4 text
F1a5 text
F1a6 text
F1a7 text
F1a8 text
F1_1_slice01 text
F1_1_slice02 text
F1_1_slice03 text
F1_1_slice04 text
F1_1_slice05 text
F1_1_slice06 text
F1_1_slice07 text
F1_1_slice08 text
F1_1_slice09 text
F1_1_slice10 text
F1_1_slice11 text
F1_1_slice12 text
F1_1_slice13 text
F1_1_slice14 text
F1_1_slice15 text
F1_1_slice16 text
F1_1_slice17 text
F1_2_slice01 text
F1_2_slice02 text
F1_2_slice03 text
F1_2_slice04 text
F1_2_slice05 text
F1_2_slice06 text
F1_2_slice07 text
F1_2_slice08 text
F1_2_slice09 text
F1_2_slice10 text
F1_2_slice11 text
F1_2_slice12 text
F1_2_slice13 text
F1_2_slice14 text
F1_2_slice15 text
F1_2_slice16 text
F1_2_slice17 text
F1_3_slice01 text
F1_3_slice02 text
F1_3_slice03 text
F1_3_slice04 text
F1_3_slice05 text
F1_3_slice06 text
F1_3_slice07 text
F1_3_slice08 text
F1_3_slice09 text
F1_3_slice10 text
F1_3_slice11 text
F1_3_slice12 text
F1_3_slice13 text
F1_3_slice14 text
F1_3_slice15 text
F1_3_slice16 text
F1_3_slice17 text
F1_4_slice01 text
F1_4_slice02 text
F1_4_slice03 text
F1_4_slice04 text
F1_4_slice05 text
F1_4_slice06 text
F1_4_slice07 text
F1_4_slice08 text
F1_4_slice09 text
F1_4_slice10 text
F1_4_slice11 text
F1_4_slice12 text
F1_4_slice13 text
F1_4_slice14 text
F1_4_slice15 text
F1_4_slice16 text
F1_4_slice17 text
F1_5_slice01 text
F1_5_slice02 text
F1_5_slice03 text
F1_5_slice04 text
F1_5_slice05 text
F1_5_slice06 text
F1_5_slice07 text
F1_5_slice08 text
F1_5_slice09 text
F1_5_slice10 text
F1_5_slice11 text
F1_5_slice12 text
F1_5_slice13 text
F1_5_slice14 text
F1_5_slice15 text
F1_5_slice16 text
F1_5_slice17 text
F1_6_slice01 text
F1_6_slice02 text
F1_6_slice03 text
F1_6_slice04 text
F1_6_slice05 text
F1_6_slice06 text
F1_6_slice07 text
F1_6_slice08 text
F1_6_slice09 text
F1_6_slice10 text
F1_6_slice11 text
F1_6_slice12 text
F1_6_slice13 text
F1_6_slice14 text
F1_6_slice15 text
F1_6_slice16 text
F1_6_slice17 text
F1_97_slice01 text
F1_97_slice02 text
F1_97_slice03 text
F1_97_slice04 text
F1_97_slice05 text
F1_97_slice06 text
F1_97_slice07 text
F1_97_slice08 text
F1_97_slice09 text
F1_97_slice10 text
F1_97_slice11 text
F1_97_slice12 text
F1_97_slice13 text
F1_97_slice14 text
F1_97_slice15 text
F1_97_slice16 text
F1_97_slice17 text
F1_1_slice_Other text
F1_2_slice_Other text
F1_3_slice_Other text
F1_4_slice_Other text
F1_5_slice_Other text
F1_6_slice_Other text
F1_97_slice_Other text
F2_1_slice01 text
F2_1_slice02 text
F2_1_slice03 text
F2_1_slice04 text
F2_1_slice05 text
F2_1_slice06 text
F2_1_slice07 text
F2_1_slice08 text
F2_1_slice09 text
F2_1_slice10 text
F2_1_slice11 text
F2_1_slice12 text
F2_1_slice13 text
F2_1_slice14 text
F2_2_slice01 text
F2_2_slice02 text
F2_2_slice03 text
F2_2_slice04 text
F2_2_slice05 text
F2_2_slice06 text
F2_2_slice07 text
F2_2_slice08 text
F2_2_slice09 text
F2_2_slice10 text
F2_2_slice11 text
F2_2_slice12 text
F2_2_slice13 text
F2_2_slice14 text
F2_3_slice01 text
F2_3_slice02 text
F2_3_slice03 text
F2_3_slice04 text
F2_3_slice05 text
F2_3_slice06 text
F2_3_slice07 text
F2_3_slice08 text
F2_3_slice09 text
F2_3_slice10 text
F2_3_slice11 text
F2_3_slice12 text
F2_3_slice13 text
F2_3_slice14 text
F2_4_slice01 text
F2_4_slice02 text
F2_4_slice03 text
F2_4_slice04 text
F2_4_slice05 text
F2_4_slice06 text
F2_4_slice07 text
F2_4_slice08 text
F2_4_slice09 text
F2_4_slice10 text
F2_4_slice11 text
F2_4_slice12 text
F2_4_slice13 text
F2_4_slice14 text
F2_5_slice01 text
F2_5_slice02 text
F2_5_slice03 text
F2_5_slice04 text
F2_5_slice05 text
F2_5_slice06 text
F2_5_slice07 text
F2_5_slice08 text
F2_5_slice09 text
F2_5_slice10 text
F2_5_slice11 text
F2_5_slice12 text
F2_5_slice13 text
F2_5_slice14 text
F2_6_slice01 text
F2_6_slice02 text
F2_6_slice03 text
F2_6_slice04 text
F2_6_slice05 text
F2_6_slice06 text
F2_6_slice07 text
F2_6_slice08 text
F2_6_slice09 text
F2_6_slice10 text
F2_6_slice11 text
F2_6_slice12 text
F2_6_slice13 text
F2_6_slice14 text
F2_97_slice01 text
F2_97_slice02 text
F2_97_slice03 text
F2_97_slice04 text
F2_97_slice05 text
F2_97_slice06 text
F2_97_slice07 text
F2_97_slice08 text
F2_97_slice09 text
F2_97_slice10 text
F2_97_slice11 text
F2_97_slice12 text
F2_97_slice13 text
F2_97_slice14 text
F2_1_slice_Other text
F2_2_slice_Other text
F2_3_slice_Other text
F2_4_slice_Other text
F2_5_slice_Other text
F2_6_slice_Other text
F2_97_slice_Other text
G1_1_slice text
G1_2_slice text
G1_3_slice text
G2 text
G31 text
G32 text
G33 text
G34 text
G35 text
G36 text
G37 text
G3c text
G4 text
G4_Other text
G5 text
G61 text
G62 text
G63 text
G64 text
G65 text
G66 text
G67 text
G68 text
G69 text
G6_Other text
G701 text
G702 text
G703 text
G704 text
G705 text
G706 text
G707 text
G708 text
G709 text
G710 text
G711 text
G712 text
G7_Other text
F3 text
F4 text
F4_Other text
E1 text
E201 text
E202 text
E203 text
E204 text
E205 text
E206 text
E207 text
E208 text
E209 text
E210 text
E211 text
E212 text
E213 text
E214 text
E215 text
E216 text
E217 text
E2_Other text
E301 text
E302 text
E303 text
E304 text
E305 text
E306 text
E307 text
E308 text
E309 text
E310 text
E311 text
E312 text
E313 text
E314 text
E315 text
E316 text
E3_Other text
E5 text
E61 text
E62 text
E63 text
E64 text
E6_Other text
F7 text
F81 text
F82 text
F83 text
F84 text
F85 text
F86 text
F8_Other text
D_F1 text
D_F1_Other text
D_F2 text
D_F2_Other text
D_F31 text
D_F32 text
D_F33 text
D_F34 text
D_F4 text
D_F4_Other text
D_F5 text
D_F601 text
D_F602 text
D_F603 text
D_F604 text
D_F605 text
D_F606 text
D_F607 text
D_F608 text
D_F609 text
D_F610 text
D_F611 text
D_F612 text
D_F613 text
D_F614 text
D_F615 text
D_F616 text
D_F617 text
D_F618 text
D_F619 text
D_F620 text
D_F621 text
D_F622 text
D_F623 text
D_F624 text
D_F625 text
D_F626 text
D_F627 text
D_F6_Other text
D_F7 text
RFB1 text
comp text
realid text
filter_$ text

Additional Information

Field Value
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Created January 10, 2018
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