2009-12 South East Queensland Household Travel Survey

Travel behaviour of all residents of randomly selected households in South East Queensland, collected from April 2009 up to May 2012, and weighted to 2011.

Note: The data resource "Household Travel Survey—South East Queensland 2009-12" has been updated as of 18/08/2016. Please refer to the Readme within the data resource for explanation of changes.

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Gravatar Md Mohasin Howlader commented on 22 Oct 2019, 12:29AM

Regarding mode share of Public Transit from 2009-12 SEQHTS data


I am a Higher Degree Research student at Science and Engineering Faculty of Queensland University of Technology (QUT). My intended research is regarding the mode choice behavior in South East Queensland with major travel modes along with potential shared mobility options.

However, I have accessed the data for 2009-12 South East Queensland Household Travel Survey from https://www.data.qld.gov.au/dataset/2009-12-south-east-queensland-household-travel-survey and while working with the data a substantial low share of Public transit was found. I have checked with "South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 Shaping SEQ" and also Report on "Household Travel in South East Queensland: Analysis data from 1992 to 2009" and found the share for Public Transit mode is around 8-9% during 2009-11 and more or less of similar percentage over the years.

The data I have accessed as I mentioned above shows a substantially low percentage of less than 1%. I have checked the modes and amalgamated all public transit modes (e.g., train, public bus, other buses etc.) and also calculated the weighted and unweighted mode shares at the trip level. It seems there is something missing in the dataset (A weight factor for Public transit or so).

It is really important for the intended research to work with the right dataset with the right information.

I will be grateful if you please let me know whether I am missing something or if there is any way to have the data get corrected regarding the Public transit modes for 2009-12 South East Queensland Household Travel Survey data.

Best Regards,

Md Mohasin Howlader
Research Student
Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT
S Block Level 8 825 | Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane
Ph: +61 411 862 300 | mdmohasin.howlader@hdr.qut.edu.au

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