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Traffic and road condition information captured in the QLDTraffic system is available for use by external developers via GeoJSON feeds.

These feeds cover Hazards, Crashes, Congestion, Flooding, Roadworks and Special Events and Web Cameras details.

The information provided in these feeds is on an 'as is' basis. Additional details about the available information on the QLDTraffic site can be viewed on our disclaimer page .

Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is constantly striving to ensure that they provide accurate, reliable and timely traffic and road condition information.

Given this, the previously available API has undergone changes in August 2016 with the creation of the QLDTraffic public website.

Details on accessing QLDTraffic’s traffic and road condition information via GeoJSON can be found in the QLDTraffic website application programming interface (API) specification.

This API has been developed to allow improved integration of QLDTraffic traffic and road condition information with external systems.

Please be aware that this specification may be subject to change.

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