DataDrill - produces DataDrill and PatchedPoint files in several formats Invalid date ==== Usage ==== DataDrill Datadrill format latitude longitude start_ymd end_ymd [tag] or DataDrill Patched format stationNumber start_ymd end_ymd [tag] where start and end dates are in yyyymmdd, and in range 18890101 to today tag is optional and is normally a user reference e.g. Site21, but has special meaning for RainMan, CSV, JSON formats and format is one of following (which are case insensitive) Standard = Original Standard Format FAO56 = FAO56 Standard Format P51 = P51 for GRASP model Apsim = for APSIM model Span = Synthetic Pan comparison EvapSpan = Synthetic Pan before 1970, Pan evaporation after 1970 Monthly = Monthly summary AscePM = ASCE Penmann Monteith for tall crop AllData = Programmer Comparison All16 = AllData with ASCEPM AllMort = All Morton hydrological Evapotranspirations RainOnly = RainOnly RainMan = pass one of 01,21,22,24,35,37 in the TAG field to get rain,tmax,tmin,evap,vp,rad output CenW = for CenW Forest Growth Model JSON = JSON format CSV = comma seperated variables (in order specified) -For JSON and CSV put these letters in the tag field to get data- R Rain, X tmaX, N tmiN, J Radn in MJ E Evap, V VP, D vpd, M mslp F FAO56, T ascepm, S Synpan, C EvSpan combination L mLake, A mActual, W mWet P mPotential H RHtmax, G RHtmin Flags -