Open Data Day 2021!

Open Data Day is a great opportunity for organisations and individuals all over the world to showcase their use of open data! The day is used to encourage the adoption of strategies and policies which maximise the release of open data and to highlight the benefits of publishing open data across government, private industry and society.

The Queensland Government is committed to the identification and release of quality open data in order to drive innovation, aid problem solving, create jobs, and to improve the transparency of government services.

Here are some of the highlights from the past twelve months!

Micro Surveys

The data available on the Queensland Government open data portal has grown year on year—yet understanding how open data is used and accurately tracking its public value is difficult.

Users of the open data portal may have noticed our micro surveys popping up on resource pages. These micro surveys help us to understand data usage and value, which will lead to improved, refined and new data for public consumption! You can read more about our micro surveys here.

Data Usability Rating

The Queensland Government open data portal is accessed by a diverse user group with respect to data analysis skills.  For many users it’s critical that data is machine-readable and free of formatting.

You may have recently seen that datasets on the open data portal are now given a data usability rating.  The rating automatically assesses data and awards ticks based on criteria which include the data's accessibility, openness, and structural and content consistency.

It’s also a way for data custodians to track and, where possible, improve their data’s usability. At present, just over 71% of datasets have three ticks or above, which is the minimum rating for easily consumed machine-readable data.

All users can access the data usability rating report, which lists the data owners and dataset ratings. It also includes a broken links report to help identify where data connections need to be fixed.

This measure is very similar to the Australian Government's linked data rating used on and both measures are based on Tim Berners-Lee's Five Stars of Openness.


Users of the open data portal can request data and comment on datasets. You can read more about both of these features here.

Recent portal updates have enabled departments to access engagement reporting measures. These updates make it easier for data custodians to monitor comments and data requests as well as provide access to usage statistics to drive improvements.

Since the last Open Data Day in 2020, we’ve received:

  • 65 dataset comments
  • 307 general open data enquiries.
  • 124 data requests

A number of data requests resulted in the publication of new data. The results of all requests and explanatory comments are now visible to all users!

These are a few of the ways in which we’ve been working to improve access to Queensland Government open data over the last year. We’ll continue to make more improvements to user experience, data quality and data currency over the coming year.

If you’d like to follow some of the what other countries are doing be sure to check out the events page on the Open Data Day website for information on how to participate.